Hit a curb at high speed

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Joined Dec 18, 2014. 3,789 Posts. #2 · Jul 7, 2015. Ooof, sorry to hear this. I had similar damage on driver's side front not from a curb, but from a massive pothole. The visible stuff: killed the tire and rim, fender damage, fender liner destroyed. Less visible damage to the suspension: bent (lower) control arm, had to replace the "engine. The early reports showed that a woman riding a scooter crossing Broadway on Union Street hit a curb, and was ejected from the. Puyallup, WA ... Footage from the scene revealed that a white sedan was traveling at a high rate of speed when. Nov 08, 2021 · 1 person dead after an auto-pedestrian crash in Puyallup (Puyallup, WA) Susan Klien. Hitting a curb can do some nasty damage to your tires, suspension, and other parts of your vehicle. Even hitting one at turtle-like speed may cost you a bit for car repair. In this.
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